Toyota Century 2000

Toyota Century 2000 – 229 000 SEK / €22 900

A unique opportunity to buy a piece of Japanese automotive history: The JDM-only sold, 5000cc V12 powered Toyota Century.
This vehicle is one of the most rare luxury cars outside of Japan and it’s understated style embodies everything about Toyotas ”kaizen mind” (= roughly translated; ”an unending sense of the company’s constant drive to improve”).


This vehicle was properly serviced during it’s duty in Japan as a high-end fleet/Limo vehicle, has no repair history and has aged very well for its age and mileage.
Now available for direct sale: Its registered, road legal and taxed for Swedish roads. EU-export can be arranged.
  • Production year (month): 2000 (april)
  • Mileage (km/miles): < 250 000/155 300
  • Colour/Interior: 1B6 Glorious grey metallic / Gray leather upholstery
  • Engine: 1GZ-FE 5000cc – Toyota and Japans first, only and (sadly) last V12 engine
  • Transmission: 4-speed A342E automatic (same as Lexus LS)
  • Chassis: Air-ride suspension (same as Lexus LS)
  • Equipment: L o a d e d ! Everything for this time and age offered in Japan, including highlights such as:
    • DUAL EMV unit (dual screen)
    • Rear Massager, Heat, A/C, Screen.
    • Fully adjustable rear seats inc. ”futon mode”, letting a rear seat passenger also use the front pass. seat to stretch his legs.
SERVICE/MAINTENANCE: This car has had all fluids, general maintenance like some hoses/couplings changed and interior/exterior detailing done since its arrival.
The GZG50 has full OEM parts catalogue support from any serious Toyota dealer .
There is an abundance of used parts in Japan, which we will happily help any buyer with to acquire during ownership, if needed.
It also shares many components with the Lexus LS.
This insures owning one, will be similar in running cost to any other Toyota JDM enthusiast model = Significantly cheaper compared to other luxury cars from manufacturers like Rolls Royce, Bentley, Maybach or high-end BMW & Mercedes.
PRICE: 22 000 Euro or highest bid.
Price is negotiable depending on requested extra service work and if a potential buyer would like getting a few minor issues taken care of by us or not.
Contact us for more details. Open for trades if they are reasonable and well-thought of, especially for other JDM-classics such as Supra, Nissan Skyline, Mazda RX-7 or Toyota Aristo
We speak fluent English and Swedish. On request we can have a German translator handle conversations as well.
This car is perfect for: 
Previously only available to elder statesman and highly successful business owners. But driving one today: 
You don’t mind a lot of small talk and curiosity that this car awakens at petrol stations, car meets or everyday situations.
You are someone who appreciates an iconic (under)statement of Japans top luxury car during the prime years of automotive car culture (90’s – 2000’s).
The Century has in its modern and more affordable form (price new was ¥JPPY 11,445,000 – approximately $USD140,000 in 2023) also become a Japanese car enthusiasts ultra rare tuning base. 
Those who like to create a more opaque tuning/VIP-styled creation, will be encouraged and dared to do so- an option no worse then keeping it as a classic collector car. Where your heart is set is what matters. 

Hittar du inte vad du söker? Hittar du inte vad du söker?